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Craigslist Mobile 1.49 1.62

Search and post ads directly from your phone

This program can no longer be downloaded

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  • Search and post from app
  • Post without an account
  • Add images directly from phone
  • Favorite and share listings


  • Not very attractive
  • Not many sharing options
  • One button didn't work

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded

If you can find what you need anywhere, it's on Craigslist. Use Craigslist Mobile to make sure you can get a piece of the action wherever you go.

What's interesting about Craigslist Mobile is that it allows you to both search and post ads from your Android phone. This is great, and not a feature that many other Craigslist apps offer. That in itself - plus the fact that Craigslist Mobile is free - is going to be reason enough for many people to hit the download button.

Craigslist Mobile allows you to refine by search category, much like the real thing. It also lets you choose between locales, like Craigslist Chicago or Houston, and then narrow or refine the search to get the most useful results. When you find an interesting listing, the app allows you to mark it as favorite, share by email or message, as well as viewing in web mode, which might increase visibility on certain listings.

Posting an ad with Craigslist Mobile is child's play - you don't even have to have an account. Craigslist Mobile uses a very simple webform - fill it in, add some photos and hit post. You can add your images either from your gallery, or by taking a photo there and then, making it even more useful for really buying and selling on the go. It also has reasonable permissions, which is reassuring.

On the downside, Craigslist Mobile isn't great to look at but, then again, neither is Craigslist, so you're probably already used to the minimalist looks. We also found that what looked to be a sort/home function in the top left of the app didn't work, but beyond that, functionality seemed fine.

Nobody would call it slick, but this search/post app for Craigslist, Craigslist Mobile, will do absolutely everything you need to buy and sell your stuff.

Craigslist Mobile


Craigslist Mobile 1.49 1.62

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